Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photography Class

Last Friday, 6th May 2011, I attended a talk at Galeri Petronas entitled, “Photography is not just about photography” by Andrialis Abdul Rahman. Andrialis is an academician from Department of Photography and Creative Imaging, UiTM Shah Alam.

“Photography speaks a thousand words” are the first few words from her simple. Andrialis opened her talk with a self-captured image of herself “sleeping” on a tree branch. She explained that the photo captured / gave indication of who she is. She continued to suggest us to think of something different and think of presenting something with a difference.

Here are more points to consider and ponder :

Photography is an art and art is a lot more.

A good photographer does not just taking photographs but creating photographs.

Normal shots is quite boring.

A camera catches your imagination. Even the word “image” comes from the word “imagination”.

It does not matter what camera is used (look at examples of good photos in the internet for some ideas), it is nothing but a matter of seeing and thinking.

Do not think that the fancy tools is the one that created the work. It is you that creates the photographs i.e the man behind the camera.

Don’t just stand right in front of the subject; lie down, go nearer, climb up and get creative with your angle shots.

Know your subject. One thing you can do to breathe life to a photo is to put a subject.

For examples :

a) Photos of a water village is more interesting with the subject, a boy seen playing water / taking bath

b) An empty window looks better with a smiling boy taking a peek.

c) Make a monument interesting by making it “as tall as” the other buildings surrounding it.

It was an inspiring and useful session especially for beginners. Well done  Andrialis and Galeri Petronas!

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