Bahasa is for my readers who would like to know more about Bahasa Malaysia. It contains two sections :

Memartabat Bahasa Malaysia is for me to share stuff related to Bahasa Malaysia. Most of the items are adapted from my favourite weekly column - "Tip Bahasa" of mStar. I will also share some other aspects of the language from time to time. The page is not only dedicated for readers who want to improve their Bahasa Malaysia use but also serves as my own journal of learning.

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Mermatabat Bahasa Malaysia :
Bahasa Malaysia : Memartabat Bahasa Malaysia
Bahasa Malaysia : Dalam dan di dalam
Bahasa Malaysia : Kekeliruan mengeja kata biasa
Bahasa Malaysia : Kekeliruan menguna kata serapan
Bahasa Malaysia: Penggunaan awalan pinjam
Bahasa Malaysia : "Kata Bantu"
Bahasa Malaysia : Bagaimana menggunakan kata sendi ‘daripada'
Bahasa Malaysia : "Mereka"
Bahasa Malaysia : "Kata Pembenar"

Macam-macam Bahasa is a spin off and contains elements of modern, pop culture version of Bahasa Malaysia.

Macam-macam Bahasa :
Macam-macam Bahasa : Apakah maksud poyo?"