Monday, October 12, 2015

Trip to Canada #3

I just watched Life of Pi. To me it was just interesting to watch a movie set mostly on the Pacific Ocean while flying above it. 

By the way, the view of the ocean down below is something. It is vast just like I mention it in my book, Under the Sea. Looking down below makes me feel really small and insignificant.

The view outside were also breathtaking. 

Hey it is sunrise!

Above the clouds

Four more hours to go!

As of now, we are almost flying over the United States.

I just performed the usual biological function, had hot tea and snacks, freshened up myself and walked around.

The ladies had noodles and coffee

I think I am gonna sleep for a while or read the national geography book.

Signing off, 4.37a.m, U.S.A

Trip to Canada #4

Two more hours to go.

Now I get myself prepared. Did some housekeeping. Get myself more peanuts for days to come. And waiting for breakfast. 

Emm...I wonder what's inside..

Lovely breakfast!

Miza snap photo overlooking Canadian wilderness

Seriously dude, it is a huge country.

Signing off 7.25am, Canada airspace.

Trip to Canada #2

The flight was a little bit delayed but it was no big deal for me.

As usual I opted for the aisle as I like to move around and not fixed at my place most of the time. 

The look and feel inside

The fornt of where I am seating.

I like the small compartment where we can put our little needy stuff like our glasses, usb cable and phone. 

The inflight entertainment is just ok. Movies are so-so, the music collection sucks though. 

As you can see from the photo above, I opted for Jurassic World. I always enjoyed the movie. I also watched Sex in the City. When I was seriously out of option, I listened to classical. Bantai sajalah. 

The best part is the eating part.

Here is my moslem meal pack

In case you were wondering..

It was not too bad. I got a Haagen Dasz ice-cream too!

I snacked a lot - Ruffles potato chips, peanuts, crackers and lots and lots of juices and ice water. I was thirsty all the time.

The toilet is ok but it was not too clean. I put on lotion provided, few times. I walked around too (and grab handful pack of peanuts along the way!).

Passed by Japan

Over the Pacific

At the time I was writing this, we were flying above the Pacific.

I wished for my usual cup of hot milo, the dim of my ikea uplighter warm lights, on my bed lying FLAT and with my family beside me. Usually it is Redza haha.

Signing off, 11th Oct (and soon gonna be 11th October again).

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trip to Canada #1

And so it begins my journey.

First up, I woke up at 3.30a.m.

Then had breakfast before my family came and picked me up. All my mum, brother and sister sent me off.

One for the album

My wife too!

The flight was about 3 hours 22 minutes to Hong Kong. I had a nice breakfast inflight with  karipap made by my wife. I slept for a while after watching 3 episodes of Modern Family while laughing my head off.

Upon arrival at Hong Kong, I turned on the free wifi and here I am, online and all set. 

We perform prayers at the Prayer Room.
Prayer Room from outside

The inside of the prayer room. Nice and spacious

With prayer mats

A nice ablution place.

Here is the airport

Another view

Had a hot chocolate. Check out the price!

Cathay Pacific fleet

I used the time wisely to journal about this experience.

My favourite photo!
Hope to write more soon.

Signing off 2.55pm, 
Hong Kong.