To have a child is a privilege, not a right, and to keep that privilege you do have to learn what works for you and your children. However, each child is different. If you have more than one child you find that what works for one, may not work for the other.

I read somewhere that "you are your child's best teacher". We are and always will be someone that your children will look up to. So whatever habits you have that you don't want your children to develop, you'll need to learn to overcome them. Take the time to reflect and remember that parenthood is not only a journey of your life, but of your children's life too.

Here is where I share my experience and share some tips from others in parenthood. Take the good ones and I hope in some ways, this will help parents out there to enjoy parenthood, nurture our little ones to be the best that he or she can be, and not forgetting to live a happy and fulfilling life for ourselves as parents.

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