Thursday, June 2, 2011

Movie Review - "X-Men : First Class"


X-Men : First Class is a fun rejuvenation of the Marvel superhero-action-film series and will surely have fans wanting even more.

The movie unveils the epic beginning of the X-Men saga and a secret history of the Cold War that brings our world at the brink of nuclear war. As the first class discovers, harnesses, and comes to terms with their super powers, alliances are formed that will shape the eternal war between the heroes and villains of the X-Men universe.

After a prelude showing the very different childhoods of privileged Charles Xavier and Nazi death camp prisoner Erik Lehsherr, we were brought in the Sixties-Cold War, and humans are just beginning to learn of the existence of mutants among them.

Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), the Nazi camp doctor and mutant responsible for the murder of Erik’s mother and for torturing and experimenting on the boy, has assembled other mutants, including telepath and diamond-faceted Emma Frost (January Jones), Shaw is bent on the extinction of the human race.

The grownup Charles (James McAvoy) and Erik (Michael Fassbender), become a team, along with Raven, also known as Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), CIA agent Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) and other “good mutants” to thwart Shaw’s bid to start World War III.

Overall, “X-Men: First Class,” looks fabulous, demonstrates a highly evolved pop movie sensibility and is the best “X-Men” movie since “X-Men” (2000). McAvoy and Fassbender bring genuine acting chops to their roles, and while Jones presence is something to look at. Jason Flemyng’s mutant Azazel is a fierce creation, while other casts bring freshness to the series. It is also an adventurous origin story, a prequel that takes the superhero outsiders back to their roots, with a special mention on a decent origin story of Professor X and Magneto. There were some nice little cameos that will delight avid X-Men fans.

Matthew Vaughn has directed one of the best Marvel adaptations and has shaken the cobwebs off the franchise and confidently delivered this prequel as a first class blockbuster. Impressively directed and superbly acted, it is an entertaining prequel that gets everything right – a retro 1960’s style that is both campy and sexy, a thrilling ride of action sequences, updated special effects and a moving script with a right does of humor.

I am giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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