Monday, June 20, 2011

One wedding, few birthdays and a funeral

Yesterday morning at 3 am, I received a call from my sister. A relative had died.
Every time my family called me, I get this jittery feeling that something is not right. True enough, another family member has left us. I was so sleepy but I could not return to my slumber. What if I did not wake up the next day. Am I ready to meet my Creator?

I woke up at 8 pm to the sound of phone call from my colleague. I told him that I have a funeral to attend and I am taking emergency leave.
At around 8.30 am I left home to Kampung Tunku. It was a smooth ride. I was hoping to get there in time for the prayers. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get a glimpse of Allahyarham and managed to join others to pray at the mosque.
Next destination is the Muslim Cemetary at Kota Damansara. (I was told that for all PJ people, they are going to be centralized to Kota Damansara Cemetary). The travelling was stressful, but I was determine to make it. I was busy following cars that I think is on the way to go to the cemetary. Then the funny thing happened. I was so sure that the vehicle in front of me was part of the convoy. I faithfully followed the car until he parked at a condo and not a cemetary.
Trying hard not to panic, my sisters helped me with directions and I managed to arrive safely after a long, long journey.
He was buried at Kota Damansara Muslim Cemetary Section 9. I had never been to this place before. In fact, Kota Damansara is so alien to me that I avoid going there at all costs. But today is something different.
The were quite a number of people there. It was heartwarming to see volunteers who either dug the grave, preparing the site, managed the grieving family and many more. Then the talqin was read. It was humbling and a good reminder to all of us, myself included. It was closed by doa. Then finally, the family members paid their last respect to Allahyarham.
We were on our way to our cars when another funeral takes place in front of the entrance. Unfortunately, there were so many people attending it (about 100 I think), that it caused massive traffic at the entrance. Our convoy have to wait for half an hour for the ceremony to be over so that the people can remove their cars! I was furious by the selfishness of these people. It is fine that you want to pay respect, but not to the expense of other people convenience.
We arrived at Kampung Tunku in the afternoon and had lunch prepared by our mums and ladies not joining the funeral. After extending condolences I left home.
Even though this is a tiring hot day, I am glad that I was able to make it.
There were times when I reflected on what happened these couple of days.
On Saturday, I attended Jepp’s and Damia’s wedding and wished them well.
A screenshot of Jepp and Damia FB. I love this pic so much that I have to use it!
On Sunday, I wished Farah’s a happy birthday and wished her to have long life and abundance of wealth.
Farah, always had fun in any occasion
The next day, I attended a funeral.
And that is life.
I am thankful that I am given the opportunity to continue living, being with my love ones and to have more shots to the things that I have not achieved yet.
Allahyarham that I remembered was a nice guy. We rarely spoke to each other but he smiled most of the time and he was generous man too. I remembred how much he enjoyed my silly party games and his part contribution to the lucky draw grand prize. May Allah placed Allahyarham among the noble people and may his family is given strength to go through this tough times.
Back in September 2009, Hari Raya Haji. Allahyarham is standing sixth at the back, from right.

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