Monday, June 13, 2011

Family time – visit to the National Science Centre Part 1

The school holidays are finally over and my only achievement was taking the children to Le Meridien last week for one night stay. They enjoyed the hotel stay and the 5 inches deep wading pool but then another week in the house drove them mad.
Work is demanding. Half of my team was unfortunately on medical leave and another helper that I have to beg for was busy with another commitment. Not their choice, but it just my luck. With the workload that I have and having to do most of the things by myself left me with no choice but to forgo my time with kids. Please forgive me kids, I promise I’ll make it up to you guys next holidays!
I was searching for places to take them to and then I thought of the dinosaur exhibition at Pusat Sains Negara (the National Science Centre). Perhaps, they might enjoy dinosaurs!
We went there early in the morning to beat the crowd. However, we were lost trying to figure out the way around the DUKE highways. Later we found out that it is actually super easy to go there. Good, next time I can get there in 20 minutes!
When we arrived there, I was amazed by the number of people. It was only 10am and I have to go up and go down, and back at the car park nearby the entrance. I was surprised to see a wading pool and a mini water park there. I wished I had brought some towels and clothes for the kids to dip in!
Then we have to go up the stairs and everyone was complaining.
Fortunately the air-con inside the lobby was cool, pheww. Imagine if you arrive during the hot sunny afternoon!
The kids spend some time at the touch pool and marveled at the fish at the aquarium. I have been here so many times that I could not be bothered.
While they were busy, I went to purchase the tickets which was highly affordable. Hey, it is only RM 6 for adult. The dino exhibition costs RM 10 but it is all in.
There were many new exhibits on my way to the main atrium. It was quite interesting. The kids enjoyed the multimedia touch screens. The one below have multiple squares that breaks and disintegrates leaving swirling watermark.
multimediawonders1 multimediawonders2
The second one just beside it was less popular. You create multiple floral prints when you touch the single flower.
Then we entered a section which have exhibits on life sciences, astronomy and physics. The kids kept themselves busy trying out everything and they certainly do not need my help! Wind power anyone?
Physicist at work, trying to comprehend Bernoulli principle.
Next up! The star attraction  - dinosaurs in Part 2

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