Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Favourite Books : My Love For You by Susan L.Roth


I have a confession to make. The reason I picked “My Love for You” is because it was on a Payless Warehouse Sale and I got it at a bargain. For a sturdy board book, it was quite a catch actually.

That night, I read it to my children and then I cannot describe how I was overwhelmed by emotions. I thought the book was simple yet captivating in its own sweet way.

“My Love for You” characterizes love by counting animals and describing their traits. Love is compared to the qualities most recognizable to a toddler. The concept is quite similar to a popular book, “Guess How Much I Love You”.

In simple rhymed verse, the main characters measure their love for one another by counting “My love for bigger than I bear …. taller than…” Well, you get the idea. This continues until they discover that the depth of their emotion is too big to calculate.

mylove susanelephants

The collage illustrations are wonderful and add texture to the book. The cheerful illustrations of collage are engaging and complement the light-hearted text.

second last

This picture book is also an exercise in counting where children can sharpen their skills in math. You can also teach animal identification with this one too.

However, the main theme is about a celebration of the endless boundary of love. The story ends with a touching illustration that warms my heart.

susan's last page

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