Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Favourite Books : Go, Dog.Go! by P.D. Eastman


I am never a fan of dogs since I have a bad experience when I was a child. One night, my neighbor’s dog just reaffirm my dog-phobia status by chasing me out of the blue.

However, I am a big fan of dogs in “Go, Dog.Go”. When I read “Go, Dog.Go!” to my children, I had more enjoyment reading it than being read to! I even love the title so much that I use it as words of encouragement for my friends whenever they want to pursue something. Of course, I change `dog’ to the person’s name :)

The book is one of my children’s favourite bedtime books and I actually agree with them. The illustration is cute, friendly and warm. The writings are funny, and cover “the things that go” appropriately for the target age group.

Here’s a sample page with accompanying line “Go, dogs.Go! It’s not too far!”. I love the expression of the dog’s faces and the simple words of encouragement for the dogs to rush to their final destination.

its not too far 

And what better way to end the story with a dog party up on a tree where every dog is invited!


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