Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All over again…

I am starting all over again and this time I determine to stay in existence in the blogosphere.
I started in January 2010 and even had a “launching” attended by friends and colleague in the previously known fraternity called Center of Learning. Then I wrote my first posting, nothing much but more of  tribute and thank yous. The theme decided was “Life..Celebration”. My goal is to pay homage to all sort of things we called LIFE.
After about 9 months later, mothers deliver babies but I haven’t deliver any single posting.
Four days later, I picked up the pieces and did a re-branding. I paid tribute to Dr Seuss because I love every single books that he wrote. It was a very long title. Then followed by nothing else :(
Then, I thought it is time to pick up where I left off and this time I will not give up.
It was a week full of high and lows. I read books about blogging, I surf hours in the internet, I change the look and feel of the blog like a million times. I explored new frontiers, pushing boundaries but at the same time put myself under a lot of stress and pressure.
But in the end, I realized that I may have tried too hard. There are limit to things. And as I relate my experience to Nensi today, the most valuable lesson that I have from this experience is to be content with what I have.Some things are not worth fighting for.
Although I had my share of frustrations (I just loved the Pistacio and Helios Theme!), in the end it was a joyful experience especially knowing what I may achieved if I persist.
For now, I will enrich and work on my content and add value to my blogging experience. Those technical stuff can wait. I am sure the day will come when all my dream-blog will come true :)
Welcome to Fun + Mental  = Fundamental.
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Left  : Zach Mills narrates the chapter “Fun and Mental is Fundamental”   Right : The Zack Helm’s movie poster,
Note : I would like to dedicate this entry to Syafiq who had helped in setting up F+M=FM. Thanks my friend.

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