Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have fun finding everything at a pasar malam..almost!

I used to be a fan of the night market or famously known as “pasar malam”. When I was small, there was one every Wednesday. It is also within a walking distance, just 15 minutes away from home.

Pasar malam evokes lots of memories for me. I used to frequent a stall selling mini murtabak which costs only 30 cents a piece at that time. Mini murtabak is a triangle-shaped samosas. It has chicken curry and potatoes wrapped in a crunchy pastry, shallow oil-fried. Very nice! I don’t have the picture, but it closely resembled this one.

Fried Indian Samosa 2

My parent went there almost every week. This is another avenue for my mum to buy the weekly groceries apart from household stuff like pail, brush, comb, petai and many others. I still remember they bought me my first wrist watch. I was proud wearing one to school everyday.

Pasar malam is also where I witness my mum’s bargaining skills. She usually gets the price that she wanted. One time, she was offered a pail for as low as RM10 only. It happens when she makes a move, not getting the price she asked for!

As I grow older, I do not have much opportunities to go to a pasar malam since I was in a boarding school. But after I worked at Johor, every Saturday without fail, I look forward to go to one. I think this is because, after a week long of work, one is always looking forward to some kind of escapade and enjoyment. I will always set aside RM10 to buy anything that I like, and that includes VCDs, “air tebu”, “murtabak” and  rambutans.


When I work in KL, I start to lose interest in pasar malam as I am not very fond of crowds.

It has been a few years later off going to pasar malam when my passion reignited. You see, my neighbour has this penchant of going to one. He just loved pasar malam. Occasionally, I will tag along. There was one week where we went to 2 pasar malams!

Usually, I will buy ikan bilis, fresh meat, murtabak, DVDs and of course rambutan. Occasionally I will get some Nasi Kerabu with Solok Lada and some toys for the kids. Emm, not much different 10 years before that!

All I remembered about pasar malam only exist in my memory. One day, I decided to take a camera instead of carry bag to the pasar malam. Maybe one day, my little weblog of pasar malam will be somewhat useful to those who want to see what the pasar malam was like in 2011!

Here goes..

My neighbour brought me to this pasar malam which is around Pinggiran Batu Caves. This was the crowd at around 6.30pm.


In a pasar malam, usually there will be at least one stall selling such balloons. Most of them are not helium-filled balloons. Unfortunately, these types do not lasts long.



As a science person, I was attracted by the presence of Buckyball-inspired toy available among the all-Made-in-China toys. The price are all reasonably cheap but not for parents who are particular about safety aspects of toys.


These are among many toys available at the pasar malam.


I took this picture while waiting for the toy stall owner to install a battery on my gadget. Pasar malam is also a place where I see parents bond with their love ones.

father and daughter

You can find many types of fruits there. Including new varieties that you never come across before. Down here is the visual comparison between the local mango and the mangga kelapa from India. It is huge isn’t it?


I will always bring my favourite fruit, rambutan home with me. I also call it “tico berry”. Remember..tico berry is life! (quoted from Adriana Lima in an “Ugly Betty” episode). On the right is the super white flesh and sweet mangosteen.


The pineapple looks cute and juicy. It is only RM2 per piece. I wanted to buy at first but changed my mind later thinking about the size after you have cut all the exteriors!


There were two kuey-teow sellers. This is one of them.


This stall however is more popular. Watch out for the flame!


Pasar malam also offered fresh meat. More popular ones are freshly slaughtered cows. There are many types of course depending on the parts. Each will also costs differently. I will usually buy the batang pinang or topside (I think!)


Not for the fain-hearted, the stall also offered some other parts. There are the “perut”, ox-tail. Oh, I better stop.


It can be tiring going to a pasar malam.


This stall specializes in the “sayur kampung”. There are pucuk paku and all the pucuks that I am not familiar with. Mind you, the one on the right is not leek!


It also sells fresh ayam kampung eggs, duck eggs and telur masin (the ones in black). I wonder the science involved in making telur masin.


If you prefer the usual vegetables, there will be at least 3-4 stalls available to choose from.


Cauliflowers, broccoli, carrot, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, tomatoes and lime. It is available all year round!


You can also get your weekly supply of onions, chillis and other dry condiments.


You do not have to go to movies just to get popcorns.


There were few snapshots that I tempted to make but I do not want to offend the stall-owners. Some included, pirated DVD sellers, pirated-brand stuff like handbags and garments and many more.

I hope I would be able to share more in my next trip!

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