Monday, October 12, 2015

Trip to Canada #3

I just watched Life of Pi. To me it was just interesting to watch a movie set mostly on the Pacific Ocean while flying above it. 

By the way, the view of the ocean down below is something. It is vast just like I mention it in my book, Under the Sea. Looking down below makes me feel really small and insignificant.

The view outside were also breathtaking. 

Hey it is sunrise!

Above the clouds

Four more hours to go!

As of now, we are almost flying over the United States.

I just performed the usual biological function, had hot tea and snacks, freshened up myself and walked around.

The ladies had noodles and coffee

I think I am gonna sleep for a while or read the national geography book.

Signing off, 4.37a.m, U.S.A

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