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Writing tips : Beating Writer's Block

Writing tips : Beating Writer's Block

If you are experiencing Writer's Block, it is totally OK. Do not panic. Some people don't even believe it exist.

Whatever it is, here are some suggestions for you to overcome WB compiled from various sources.

1. Don't take it too hard!

Anna Quindlin once wrote, "People have writer's block not because they can't write, but because they despair of writing eloquently." We are our worst critic, one of my writing teacher said. Turn your critical brain off. We can always edit the writing later.

2. Time off

If you experience WB, perhaps it is time for the ideas to gestate. Give yourself time to rest, gather new experience, new ideas from other activities. As for me, I would just take a walk, play with my kids, paint and visit the social media!

3. Scheduling

Graham Greene wrote 500 words every morning and has published 30 books. If you are up to it, set out time to write and just completely ignore WB. When your body shows writing at the same time and place daily, perhaps your mind will too eventually.

4. Multiple Projects

Try to switch back and forth from one project to another. I work on many stuff and just leave it when I was stuck. I know it sounds a bit ambitious but most of the time it works for me. The only thing I dislike about it is we may stretch ourselves thin doing lots of things all about the same time.

5. Redecorate

In the movie Batman & Robin, Poison Ivy, played by Uma Thurman once uttered, "Let's redecorate!" when she wanted to set up her lair. Taking cue from this, sometimes I re-do my writing / creative stations. The work that we do suppose to be fun and the space is suppose to be a place we look forward to being in.

6. Exercising

I am not talking about physical exercise as I do not want to preach what I do not practice! What is meant here is writing exercise. Such can loosen up the blocked mind and get us to write anything. Some of those may not be good but perhaps one day it might be useful!

7. Study

Study how other writers overcome their WB.

8. Intrinsic Motivation

Ask yourself what are your writing and why. Is it pure passion or obligation? If you feel most about your writing, it will makes your happy and perhaps your readers will too. You passion will not only sustain but drive you through your WB.

End of article.

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